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Can 21st-century molecular biology answer age-old questions about the human experience? Can studying proteins and DNA help us understand how we make our choices in sex and love? Where our emotions come from? Or why we age and die?

In Sex, Love and DNA, award winning scientist and science writer Peter Schattner introduces readers to the astonishing world of proteins and DNA. Based on the latest scientific discoveries, Sex, Love and DNA uses stories of remarkable people who don’t feel pain, are born with super-strength, or have other unusual abilities to illustrate how biology affects all of our lives. Written in clear, simple language that anyone can understand, Sex, Love and DNA will show you how science is revolutionizing our understanding of what it means to be human.

Winner - Best General Non-fiction Book -- Great Southeast Book Festival
Winner - Best Science Book -- Foreword Reviews' Book of the Year Awards

Winner - Best Education Book -- Indie Excellence Book Awards

Top 5 Finalist - Shelf Unbound Best Independently Published Book of the Year

Finalist - Best General Non-fiction Book -- Los Angeles Book Festival

Enjoy reading a printed copy of Sex, Love and DNA (and make me happy ;-) by buying it for a few dollars from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other major book vendors or simply click here for a free electronic copy of the book.

Reading this book raises a feeling similar to watching one of those fascinating National Geographic specials--the one where you are so entertained, you do not realize you are learning.

New York Journal of Books


Immensely absorbing and eye opening.

San Francisco Book Review

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